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Thank you, Buncee photo friends!

From the California coasts to the peaks of Luang Prabang, scroll down to see some of the stunning photos our community members have donated to Buncee’s photo library.

Interested in sharing your images? Feel free to contact us at

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Take a look below at some of the images our friends have shared! As you hover over each, you can see what category the photo is in in our backgrounds library. Once you login, you’ll be able to head to the Buncee creation canvas and see all the images our friends have shared to start adding them to your next Buncee creation!

Interested in sharing your photos?

Whether it’s a snapshot from your breakfast table or a photo at the peak of Mount Everest, we welcome users to share their photos to add to our library of Buncee backgrounds for other users to use on their Buncee creations. Contact us at to learn more.

Here is a list of the awesome people that have already shared their photos.

Sandy Bader
Meagan Bartlett
Dawn Carroll
Karen Festa
Marie Arturi
Michael Paraskevas
Diane Cordell
Tan Huynh
Sean Gaillard
Annie Garrity
Eda Gimenez
Shannon McClintock-Miller
Leslie Arturi
Bob Birdsall
Allan Kreda
George Saltsman
Anupama Narla
Shannon Scott (Paul)
Jared Weintraub
Jennifer Williams
Seon Kim
Aditya Balwani
Dave & Cassidy Lessard

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